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The Shed    

      One major feature is a reconstructed hunting camp. It originally stood where the Kinzua Dam is now. The camp was built in sections in Ohio, and transported to Kinzua and rebuilt. When the dam was built it was dismantled and rebuilt up the hill.  The structure was used as a hunting camp until the mid 1990's, when the owner left one season and did not return. It fell into disrepair, and the summer of 2005 we contacted the owners and asked if we could have it for our museum.  They came in for one last visit and then we tore the camp down, keeping two walls intact and re-built them inside our museum. Many original items from the camp are there. We added an old coal/wood cook stove that came from our hunting camp.

     We have a little bit of everything on display, old quilts, old dresses, old crocks, kitchen items, my perfume bottle collection and compact collection. You will find some stuffed wildlife, old signs, old dolls, and old ride on toys (like a pedal airplane).  Each year we add more....